Community Gym

We are now offering gym facilities, featuring mobile gym equipment such as a  treadmill, rowing machines, exercise bikes, handweights and  exercise balls.

As a minimum this will be open for seven mornings a week between 9am and 1pm.  (There are a few Fridays when the gym may not be available due to prior bookings, but you will be informed about these on registration. It’s also a bit busy on Wednesdays from 9-10am when the LeanGym class takes place there, so you might be advised to come after 10am).

We are running a three month pilot phase (January-March) . The introductory price is £18 per month payable in advance by Direct Debit and the gym can be used as often as you like once you are signed up. This fee includes a compulsory initial induction from our trained staff Jason or Jenny. We can also design a personal programme for you taking on board your level of fitness, your aims and the time you have available. A small extra charge will be levied for this service, but we recommend it.

During the pilot phase we would welcome your feedback on the gym and it’s timings as we would like to get it as close as we are able to people’s needs and requirements within the restrictions we have over staffing and other users.

Please phone or email the Community Centre if you have any questions or feedback.

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