Management of Health and Safety

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The Thomas Gifford Trust (‘TGT’) recognises that it has a responsibility to ensure that all reasonable precautions are taken to provide and maintain conditions at the Charlbury Community Centre (‘CCC’) which are safe, healthy and comply with all statutory requirements and codes of practice.  Therefore, the TGT will ensure that;

  • systems of work are safe
  • arrangements are made for ensuring safety and absence of risks to health in connection with the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances
  • information, instruction, training and supervision is provided to ensure the health and safety at work of employees and the health and safety of CCC users
  • CCC is maintained in a safe condition
  • a safe means of access to and from CCC is provided

1.     Organisation and Responsibilities


1.1.         TGT

Overall responsibility for CCC is held by the TGT.  Trustees of the TGT will ensure that there are sufficient resources available to provide any health and safety equipment, personal protective equipment and training where appropriate.  The TGT has formed a management committee to oversee the running of CCC.  The chairman of the management committee is a TGT trustee and reports to the Trustees as appropriate.

        1.2.         Responsible Persons

TGT will encourage all employees, voluntary workers, helpers and sub contractors (hereafter referred to collectively as ‘Staff’) and users of CCC to take responsibility for health and safety matters.  The manager of CCC will take responsibility for all day-to-day health and safety matters.  The manager of CCC reports to the chairman of the management committee.

One TGT trustee, the Health and Safety Trustee (H&S Trustee) has responsibility to ensure health and safety policy is implemented, and report to other trustees at the regular trustee meeting or more frequently if required.  The H&S Trustee will monitor the health and safety policy on a regular basis, and ensure safety records are maintained, accidents are investigated and will keep a watching brief on changing safety legislation.

           1.3.         CCC Manager

CCC Manager has the responsibility to provide leadership and to promote responsible attitudes towards health and safety.  CCC Manager will:

  • Ensure, together with other members of Staff, that users of CCC act in a responsible manner at all times
  • ensure that each new member of Staff is given induction training at CCC, including the precautions and procedures appropriate to their specific jobs
  • ensure that all Staff are made aware of any health and safety procedures in place
  • ensure all Staff for whom they are responsible understand the health and safety policy and risk assessments
  • ensure that any member of Staff, before he or she commences work, has been advised about any special occupational qualifications or skills required in order that the work can be carried out safely
  • investigate all accidents with a view to prevention of further occurrence
  • ensure good housekeeping standards are applied
  • ensure equipment maintenance is carried out in a timely manner
  • ensure accidents are recorded.
  • consult with Staff directly with regards to health and safety matters to ensure Staff have the opportunity to discuss any concerns they may have regarding health and safety

1.4.         Employees Voluntary Workers Helpers and Subcontractors

All Staff have a responsibility to do everything they can to prevent injury to themselves, their fellow Staff members, CCC users and others affected by their actions or omissions at CCC. They are expected to;

  • co-operate fully on health and safety matters
  • follow health and safety policies and procedures
  • report any incidents which have or may have led to injury or damage
  • not interfere with anything provided to safeguard their health and safety
  • take reasonable care of their own health and safety
  • report all health and safety concerns to CCC manager

All Staff should ensure that they use any equipment provided in accordance with the training and instruction that they have received, inform CCC manager about any serious or imminent danger, and also report any shortcomings that they see in the use of such equipment. If CCC manager is not available, an employee may stop work and/or stop CCC usage and immediately proceed to a place of safety in the event of being exposed to serious, imminent and unavoidable danger.

2.     Health and safety risks arising from our work activities

CCC manager, together with a member of the management committee, will undertake risk assessments from time to time.  The chairman of the management committee will review findings, decide what further action, if any, needs to be taken and report to the Trustees as he/she deems necessary.  Action required to remove and/or control risks will be approved by Trustees and the management committee will be responsible for ensuring the action required is implemented.

3.     Safe equipment

CCC manager is responsible for identifying all equipment needing maintenance at CCC and will ensure that the identified maintenance is implemented and effective maintenance procedures are drawn up.

Any problems found with equipment should be reported to the chairman of the management committee.

The chairman of the management committee will check that new equipment meets health and safety standards before it is purchased or used.

4.     Safe handling and use of substances

CCC manager will be responsible for identifying all substances which need a COSHH assessment and will undertake the COSHH assessments, ensure that all actions identified in the assessments are implemented and ensure that all employees are informed about the COSHH assessments.

5.     Competency for tasks and training

Induction training will be provided for all Staff by CCC manager.  Any further training requirements will be decided jointly with the chairman of the management committee.

6.     Accidents, first aid and work related ill health

A first aid box is kept at CCC reception desk and another is in the sports hall.  CCC manager and CCC Wellness Manager have been appointed as first aiders.

There is no defibrillator on site.  A defibrillator is available on the outside wall of Charlbury Medical Centre which is adjacent to CCC.

All accidents and cases of work-related ill health are to be recorded in the accident book which is kept at CCC reception desk area.  All accidents will be investigated by CCC manager and a report will be made to chairman of the management committee. The chairman of the management committee is responsible for ensuring that necessary action is taken to prevent recurrence.

Any “near miss” incident which occurs should be reported to CCC manager who will be responsible for making a report to the management committee.  The chairman of the management committee is responsible for bringing issues to the attention of Trustees as he/she deems appropriate

7.     Emergency procedures – fire and evacuation

Emergency evacuation procedures have been prepared and are available for inspection at CCC reception desk.

Escape routes are checked weekly and alarms are tested weekly by CCC manager.   Inspection and test reports are kept in the Fire Risk Management file in the reception area.

CCC manager may delegate these routine checks and tests to other suitably qualified members of Staff.

Fire Safety Procedures are provided in the document titled Fire Safety Plan.

8.     Disciplinary Action

If staff contravene the provisions of this policy, whether or not in doing so they place the health and safety of themselves or others at risk, they will be subject to appropriate action (whether disciplinary or otherwise) by the CCC Manager or the trustees as the case may be.

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