How far can Charlbury get under its own steam?

We’ve reached Inverness! And we’ve collected 55 bags of litter weighing 150kg!

 Keep Charlbury Active

 How far can Charlbury get under its own steam? When you go out for a walk, run or cycle ride, we’d love you to measure the miles you do and add them to a total covered by the people of Charlbury and neighbouring villages. Let’s see if we can get round the coast of Britain. Thats  over 11,000 miles! We will keep a tally of all your contributions and each week we’ll let you know where we have collectively got to.

As of 22nd February we have clocked up   5,436 miles! This map shows where we have got to in yellow. Well done so far – we are now almost exactly half way there. Can we make it right round the coast by Easter?

The yellow line on the map above shows how far we have got.

Log your miles on the form at the bottom of this page. You can do it as often as you like (well once a day!) and if there is more than one of you, you can all log your miles, so a family of 4 walking 5 miles will rack up 20 miles for the team.

Below are a few routes to get you started but there are many beautiful options around Charlbury and obviously you can go wherever you choose.

Many people calculate the distance they’ve walked using their smartphone, but you haven’t got one, this map might help you to calculate distances as you’re walking round the streets of Charlbury.

We’d love to know about your experiences taking part in the challenge, so use #charlburychallenge to share your photos on Instagram or Facebook and tell us what you’ve been up to.

Other ways to keep active

Here is a list of all the exercise classes that we are running over Zoom during lockdown. You can find full details on the classes and how to join and pay on this page.

Charlbury’s Spring Clean

The Charlbury Community Centre would like your help to collect as much litter as we can by the end of lockdown. So next time you head out for a walk, don’t forget your litter bags and gloves!

  Here’s what we need you to do:

Collect litter you find when out on a walk and place it in a bag

The bags you use will need to be tied and left at the Community Centre (so don’t use your favourite bags!)

If possible, please split the litter you find into recyclable and non-recyclable waste

Please leave all litter bags next to the big bins at the Community Centre, ensuring they are tied in a knot at the top (pop the bags the other side of the fence so they’re not blocking the walkway)

Litter pickers are available to borrow from the Community Centre (do not share them with other households though)

Top tips to remember:

  • Always wear gloves when picking up litter
  •  Do not collect any hazardous waste such as dog poo or sharp objects
  • You are still only allowed to go out once a day for exercise, so make this part of your daily walk – do not make a special trip

Our Youth Team will be weighing the litter collected and will announce the total at the end of lockdown. So far we’ve collected 55 bags weighing 150 kg!

 Here is the form for logging your miles:

You can log in several days worth at once if you like, just add the miles up. And, for example, if there were two of you walking together, don’t forget to double them.

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